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16 Aug

All You Need To Know About Privacy Impact Assessments

The PIA’s i.e. the Privacy Impact Assessments is the type of processing that is done with the help of new advanced technology. It keeps in mind the context, nature, scope and the reason for the processing. The controller must assess the operation on the personal data before the processing.

What are privacy impact assessments?

Privacy impact assessment GDPR is primarily a measure of the risk assessment related to an organization’s sensitive data. A PIA is necessary if your company has access to a data that is on high risk of breach.

When to carry out PIA?

There is need for you to carry out a PIA in the following cases:

  • If there is an extensive and a systematic evaluation regarding aspects related to persons.
  • If there is a data processing of criminal records.
  • If a public area is being monitored automatically.

The procedure

The procedure to carry out a PIA varies depending upon the need and the complexity of the operation. Here is the process of carrying out a PIA:

  • A list of the entities, stakeholders and the system
  • A complete list to identify the process
  • After the identification, a PIA is conducted to analyze the workflow
  • The assessment of the data protection
  • A register to maintain the risk analysis
  • A plan is implemented and then formalized


PIA has now become mandatory so as your organization is ready for GDPR and knows where it needs to focus more. Your PIA would also act for you as a defense system to protect your data from the officials of the Protection of Data Commissioner. Hence, it is recommended to carry out the PIA as soon as possible.

10 Mar

Best Software For Traders And Its Benefits

There are many trading firms which have a vast network and mainly face problems in managing their trades. They have to monitor trades, manage accounts and also in making reports. If you are also facing problems in processing the financial products to the masses of divided system, then you must take the help of PATH software specifically made for big trading firms and brokers. This platform allows easy working on it, offering far better management and easy calculations so that you can improve your profit greatly. You can consider this as the best trade management solution for your company. The benefits that it can offer you are:

Benefits of PATH platform

  • The PATH platform will give you the highly enhanced controls over the operations by combining all the trades of your regular clients on a single platform.
  • If you want a good return of investments then it can provide you with that. It is the best and most effective alternative of legacy systems and paper based record system. It provides easy access only on one platform.
  • It is also able to deliver the expectations to you as it has in-built expectation handler that is quite good at this.
  • It also reduces the risk of operations as it has automated workflow which can provide the view of the full trade cycle which is transparent and audited also.
  • It also covers various models that can be modified according to the client. It includes foreign exchange, bonds, nominee, client valuation, securities, derivatives, custodian, static data aggregation with determination also, reconciliation and more.
24 Jan

Phone Systems For Small Businesses

Having a phone system is the basic need of almost each and every office these days. There are several types of phone systems that are available these days and they run on various platforms and technology that you can use with your business. So, if you have recently setup an office or have few employees in your office, then small business phone systems can be the best option for you. Mentioned below are some of the advantages of using these small phone systems in your office.

Professionalism: These phone systems will certainly bring lots of professionalism in your office and will make the work easy and fast among the employees. With these services, no one has to leave his office desk and reach another person for the office work. They can simply contact each other with the help of these phone systems and most of the work can be done in the least possible time. These systems can also help you in reducing the wastage of time.

Reduced cost: These phone systems also provide you with reduced cost that you may want with yourself. These systems will definitely reduce the cost of your phone system and provide your business with reduced cost. Your employees can make as many calls as they want among themselves with almost zero cost.

Easy expansion: These phone systems also provide you with easy expansion feature if you want to expand your employees. These phone systems can easily be expanded by replacing them with new phone system. You can easily add up to 50 employees without any kind of consideration.

7 Nov

Corporate Immigration Lawyers For Your Business

Immigration is also very popular in corporate sector of Aberdeen as many companies send their employees to some other country in order to increase the benefit of the company or to expand their business. But visiting any foreign land is not that easy as it may seem. You need to face many international laws acting upon yourself while visiting some other foreign country. A minor mistake or negligence results in denial of your immigration visa application form. So, in such case, it is best that you should take the services of Aberdeen immigration lawyers to help you out with your business. These lawyers can help you out with all the legal issues with your corporate immigration. Mentioned below are some of the services provided by immigration lawyers.

Immigration appeals: If you have filed your immigration application form and it has been denied multiple times, then these lawyers can help you out of this situation. These lawyers can help you to understand the issues and mistakes that might be present in your application form and causing denial. These lawyers will spot all those errors and will also help in approval of your application form. They can also take help of the court to ease out your immigration process if the help of the law is needed.

Audit: These lawyers can perform a quick audit of all the documents that are required for immigration so that the immigration documents do not get denied while being processed. It is seen that after the audit is being performed upon the documents, most of the times the immigration form gets approved by the government.

If you are interested in the service, feel free to visit:

9 May

Faster and Easier Bank Account Opening Process

A regional bank was facing many errors while opening new bank accounts. This resulted in a delay of opening accounts and loss of capital and business. A study was conducted by our team to understand the process of opening accounts.

There were many steps identified which were manual and complex processes, negatively affecting productivity. The employees had to navigate through dozens of screens to create a bank account which resulted in numerous errors and delay. Newer employees required proper training and understanding of the process and this also resulted in increased training costs.

Our team worked with a data analytics software that helped identify processes for automation and acceleration. The solution provided worked at cutting down needless processes which helped in reducing the time taken to open an account. This also resulted in few errors, improved employee productivity, morale and resulted in excellent customer satisfaction with increase in business.