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Different Types Of Commercial Properties

The city of London is a hub of great residential and commercial properties. Between the two, commercial ones are known to drive the economy of such a developed city. They provide the required space to different businesses for performing their operations. These properties are situated in the midst of the city and busy areas. This Read more

Deal With Your Excess Stock

Having too much inventory is pretty much common for retailers, but that huge amount of inventory becomes unwanted and waste after some time. To handle that, businesses need to hire a new warehouse or storerooms and have to spend a lot of money. Instead of getting money from your stock,you are paying to store it. Read more

All You Need To Know About Privacy Impact Assessments

The PIA’s i.e. the Privacy Impact Assessments is the type of processing that is done with the help of new advanced technology. It keeps in mind the context, nature, scope and the reason for the processing. The controller must assess the operation on the personal data before the processing. What are privacy impact assessments? Privacy Read more

Phone Systems For Small Businesses

Having a phone system is the basic need of almost each and every office these days. There are several types of phone systems that are available these days and they run on various platforms and technology that you can use with your business. So, if you have recently setup an office or have few employees Read more

Corporate Immigration Lawyers For Your Business

Immigration is also very popular in corporate sector of Aberdeen as many companies send their employees to some other country in order to increase the benefit of the company or to expand their business. But visiting any foreign land is not that easy as it may seem. You need to face many international laws acting Read more
9 May

Faster and Easier Bank Account Opening Process

A regional bank was facing many errors while opening new bank accounts. This resulted in a delay of opening accounts and loss of capital and business. A study was conducted by our team to understand the process of opening accounts. There were many steps identified which were manual and complex processes, negatively affecting productivity. The Read more