All You Need To Know About Privacy Impact Assessments

16 Aug

All You Need To Know About Privacy Impact Assessments

The PIA’s i.e. the Privacy Impact Assessments is the type of processing that is done with the help of new advanced technology. It keeps in mind the context, nature, scope and the reason for the processing. The controller must assess the operation on the personal data before the processing.

What are privacy impact assessments?

Privacy impact assessment GDPR is primarily a measure of the risk assessment related to an organization’s sensitive data. A PIA is necessary if your company has access to a data that is on high risk of breach.

When to carry out PIA?

There is need for you to carry out a PIA in the following cases:

  • If there is an extensive and a systematic evaluation regarding aspects related to persons.
  • If there is a data processing of criminal records.
  • If a public area is being monitored automatically.

The procedure

The procedure to carry out a PIA varies depending upon the need and the complexity of the operation. Here is the process of carrying out a PIA:

  • A list of the entities, stakeholders and the system
  • A complete list to identify the process
  • After the identification, a PIA is conducted to analyze the workflow
  • The assessment of the data protection
  • A register to maintain the risk analysis
  • A plan is implemented and then formalized


PIA has now become mandatory so as your organization is ready for GDPR and knows where it needs to focus more. Your PIA would also act for you as a defense system to protect your data from the officials of the Protection of Data Commissioner. Hence, it is recommended to carry out the PIA as soon as possible.

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