Different Types Of Commercial Properties

4 Jun

Different Types Of Commercial Properties


The city of London is a hub of great residential and commercial properties. Between the two, commercial ones are known to drive the economy of such a developed city. They provide the required space to different businesses for performing their operations. These properties are situated in the midst of the city and busy areas. This is why it is difficult to get hold of them. However, the businessmen who are into getting a place for their working usually contact commercial property services around South London.

The professionals from www.sterlingcommercial.co.uk help them to get the required space and also assist with the complex process of legal work. Here are the different types of these properties.


These are a widely known range of commercial properties. They are required for the administrative and executive work for a particular business or a company. They are primarily categorized in two formats, one is urban and the second one is suburban. While urban ones include offices in large skyscraper buildings, suburban ones are quite smaller and are often found in office parks. These offices are also ranked into three categories of classes A, B, and C based on their location, rent amount, and level of properties.


As the name suggests these properties are for businesses that buy and sell products and services. These are primarily recognized as grocery, clothes, gifts stores, etc., and also like restaurants, cafes, and pubs, etc. These properties are quite complex in their nature as there are several requirements in the retail sector on the basis of space and arrangements.

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